Storm Damage

At Thomas Restoration Services we are acquainted with how traumatic it can be when your residence or business goes through damage from harsh weather. We are acquainted with you’re in need of quick, dependable, quality service from a company you can rely on – a company you can trust to be prompt, reliable, and clear. Thomas Restoration Services is that company.

Storm damage is destructive to homes and can cause a lot more than just water damage. Mostly, these destructive storms fall on us devoid of many warning signals, leaving many without a place to stay for an unlimited period of time. Thomas Restoration Services are experts in storm damage restoration and can deal with any problems caused by storms.

Keeping Your Family Protected Is Our Top Priority

If a tree has tumbled on or near your residence, it is important that you take every preventative measure. Tumbling trees can still basis of damage protracted after they have tumbled. Don’t take too lightly the dangers that a tumbled tree cans pretense for you and your family unit. Our Thomas Restoration Services emergency tree removal and clearing services will reinstate your outdoor property to a stunning and protected space. You can assure that any wreckage or risks left over from a storm will be supporting when you call us.

If your belonging is licensed as storm-damaged, your indemnity may pay for the replacement of the roof. Other parts of your residence may also be covered like siding, gutters, and windows. If we find vandalism from a storm such as hailstones or high wind loss, we can start the procedure of getting a replacement roof for you. We always suggest looking into roofing insurance coverage initially if the damage we see looks like it may be part of the terms of your homeowner’s policy.

Thomas Restoration Services can clean and reinstate homes from any storm damage. While each circumstance may differ, some ordinary issues from storm damage are:

  • Flooding
  • Tumbled Trees
  • Electrical Issues